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There is way too much confusing and conflicting information related to Bitcoin on the Internet, it's too daunting for the majority of people to get involved.

SoS provides a simple way to navigate this new digital landscape by providing one-on-one Bitcoin & Security tutoring, and business registration with ongoing support. 


Bitcoin Tutoring

Learn how to create a Bitcoin wallet
Learn how to avoid scams! 
Learn how send and receive Bitcoin SAFELY!
Learn how to USE Bitcoin to pay bills
Learn how to pay off credit card debt with Bitcoin.

$ 65 per


Security Tutoring

Bitcoins can be stolen easily!
Learn how to secure Bitcoin
Learn how to avoid third parties!
Learn about hardware wallets
Learn about private keys
Learn about mnemonic seeds 


Business Registration

Join thousands of businesses already accepting Bitcoin!

Register your business to receive Bitcoin & Lightning Network payments instantly!

Attract NEW customers
1 FREE Bitcoin Tutoring Session
1 FREE Security Tutoring Session

$ 1000 Business Registration

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